Double A A3 70 Gram Paper

Double A Paper – 70 gram – F3  / – 1 Ream – 500 Sheets

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Product details of Double A Paper – 70 gram – A3 / – 1 Ream – 500 Sheets
Size: A3
500 Sheets in 1 Ream

Good Runnability
Printing Sharpness
Excellent Smoothness
Bright Appearance
Enhanced Copier Performance
Two-Sided Use
Longer Storage Period for Documents
Size: A3-500 Sheets in 1 ReamPaper Thickness: 70gramsGood RunnabilityPrinting SharpnessExcellent SmoothnessBright AppearanceEnhanced Copier PerformanceTwo-Sided UseLonger Storage Period for Documents


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Weight 2 kg

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