Copy mate A3 70 GSM Paper

420 x 297mm
GSM  70
Pack Size 500 sheets, 1 ream
Paper Source Farmed Trees
2 Side Copying
Laser  & Inkjet
  • Smooth surface
  • High density
  • High opacity
  • Low ash content
  • Good formation







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Features & Compatibility

CopyMate is a low-grammage paper designed primarily for high-volume printing. As its name suggests, our product is intended for everyday use. Our Everyday range provides consistent, high quality rendering. If you’re looking for high quality, even at high volumes, look no further than our CopyMate  paper.  The CopyMate Paper Business copy paper is a low-gram mage paper, best suited for internal reports and documents. This type of paper strikes the right balance between excellent quality and significantly reduced weight. The Business range meets everyday office needs – ideal for efficient, high-quality, high-volume printing.

7 Advantages of CopyMate Paper
Everything is in the fiber, and CopyMate high fiber content makes it the best copy paper for high-speed machines.
Here are seven reasons why:
Good Runnability: Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers, a quality proven in a tough No Jam Runnability test performed under independent laboratory conditions in which 60 pages per minute were copied for 24 continuous hours.
Printing Sharpness: CopyMate Paper smooth surface allows for good toner transfer, making copies as sharp as
the original.
Excellent Smoothness: CopyMate Paper smooth surface gives it a high quality touch and makes for effortless copying, especially in high-speed machines.
Bright Appearance: CopyMate Paper 148-151 CIE whiteness provides high print contrast and resistance to fading.
Enhanced Copier Performance: The sharp blades on our advanced sheet cutting machines result in a lower dust content when printing or copying, prolonging the life of office equipment.
Two-Sided Use: The high opacity and excellent formation resulting from Copymate Paper high quality fiber allows double-sided use.
Longer Storage Period for Documents: Acid free paper has longer shelf life, making it perfect for storing documents.

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